I remember being a few months into my attempt at becoming a runner when I ended up talking to someone that had been running for years and had finished tons of races.

I was telling her how I was struggling to stick with it and she said something to me that I’d wished I had heard at the very beginning.

“I hate running.”

I’m sorry… What? You hate running? Me too! 

It’s the high after it that makes it worth it, knowing that you’re doing something that’s benefiting your mind and body.

It’s kind of like that write quote:

“I hate writing. I love having written.” -Dorothy Parker

And when I realized that it wasn’t just me, that someone as experienced as this woman didn’t enjoy running, that gave me the motivation I needed to push through and stick with it.

It sounds silly to me now. Of course, I’m not going to enjoy running. I’m at the beginning, trying something new, and it’s going to be a challenge.

Pushing through it and getting over the mental barriers are all part of it. 

So, beginner runners: Running Sucks.

Don’t expect anything else. You might learn to enjoy it as you improve and see yourself beating previous distances and times, but for right now, it’s probably going to be awful. 

But it’ll be worth it.

Relish the fact that you’re sticking with something that’s not exactly enjoyable and before you know it, you’ll be entering races and you’ll become just as addicted to that post run high as every other experienced runner.