The Best Running Headbands 2017

Best Headbands For Running

Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

It features a unique patented Sweat Block Seal Channel design. This is meant to collect sweat dripping from your scalp and direct it away from your face. That way, you don’t have to worry about beads of sweat irritating your face while you work out. 

The headband is made from highly absorbent and breathable fabric that wicks moisture leaving the head nice and dry. The material also happens to be elastic and this ensures a snug and comfortable slip with no chance of slipping off. The general pullover design also contributes a great deal to this comfort.

Men’s Running Headbands

Nike Swoosh Headband

Nike is without a doubt one of the most notable sports product brands and it is therefore no surprise that their men’s running headband is one of the best in the market. It is made from 69% cotton, 26% nylon and 5% rubber. The cotton ensures breathability as well as comfort by facilitating the moisture wicking mechanism. Nylon and rubber on the other hand contribute to the headband’s comfort by providing elasticity and a non-slip grip.

The headband is 2 inches wide and is just right for men with short to average length of hair. 

Running Headbands For Women

TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband

For women with long, medium or short hair, working out is a struggle whether it is brow sweat getting the hair frizzy or your ponytail swopping to your face as you do pushups. This headband is designed to tame your hair and to keep your scalp dry allowing you to enjoy your workout fully. It is made from fleece material which combines comfort, breathability and easy cleaning. 

The headband has an increasing width design with 2.5 inches at its narrowest and 4 inches at its widest. It also features a contour fit design for additional comfort. 

Fun Running Headbands

Oureamod Wide Multifunction Headbands for Men and Women

This headband design is fun to look at, fun to wear and fun to use whether you are jogging, hiking or even doing yoga. It is a multifunction headband that can be used as a workout headband, a pirate cap, a balaclava, a dust screen and even a neck gaiter. This versatility as well as the comfortable moisture wicking material are what make it such a great option. 

The headband is available in many different colors and patterns including the star spangled banner, tribal prints, afro patterns and floral print. 

No Slip Running Headbands

Suddora Non-Slip Sports Headbands

This headband might be thin but its design ensures extra firm grip with no chances of it slipping off your head while you work out. This advantage can be attributed to the firm elastic fabric and the non-slip technology embedded in the design. The inner surface of the headband is also lined with soft velvet to ensure that your hair is protected from traction breakage and hair weakness.

Thick Running Headbands

French Fitness Revolution Wide Women Headband

The running headband is 5 inches wide and is perfect for not only holding your hair back but also absorbing moisture. 

It also features quick-dry fabric technology that wicks moisture from your face and forehead leaving you dry and comfortable. 

Best Hair Ties For Running

Under Armour Women’s Hair Ties

They are made from 94% nylon and 6% spandex. This offers elasticity and firm grip ensuring that your hair is held secure while you run. They are available in many different colors with amazing designs and patterns that add to their aesthetic appeal.